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Edgar Street Books® is proud to publish books in traditional and digital formats that celebrate New York City history. Stories of the city’s music industry are told through the words of its musicians, songwriters, producers, and impresarios. Our series of music trivia quiz eBooks challenge the most knowledgeable fans. Photo collections reveal the secrets of New York’s architecture, signage, and statuary that hide in plain sight.


Frank Mastropolo


     New York City is teeming with wildlife, though not the kind that barks, tweets or growls. Beginning in the late nineteenth century, architects embellished the city’s buildings with a variety of animals big and small, humble and grand.

     This color photography collection of 50 silent creatures is just a sample of what can be seen throughout Manhattan. Each photo is accompanied by a relevant quotation from some of the great writers, philosophers, and humorists.

From the book:

AML Horse1 SQ.jpg

"Horse sense is the thing a horse has

which keeps it from betting on people."
— W. C. Fields

AML Rooster2 SQ.jpg

"It may be the rooster that does all the crowing

but it's the hen that delivers the goods."

— Jim Hightower

AML AmexDog1 SQ.jpg

"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.

Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."

— Groucho Marx

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