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Cover of Mom & Dad Are Dinosaurs!

Humor for No-Tech Parents With High-Tech Kidsk

Frank Mastropolo

What happens when a snarky kid tries to drag his no-tech parents kicking and screaming into the 21st century? He writes a book about it!


“Forget Google and ChatGPT; Dad gets his questions answered by a Magic 8 Ball and his drunk uncle. Dad refuses to use GPS. He says, ‘Great, now I have two women telling me how to drive.’

"Neither of them understands our Smart TV’s remote. It can't change channels but it shuts off our neighbor's home dialysis machine.”

Funny image about GPS

"Narrated by their irreverent son, Mom & Dad Are Dinosaurs! will have you crying with laughter over your keyboard. The book is a reality check if you’ve been baffled by AI, robot vacuums, streaming music and Zoom calls. They’re all in this joke-packed quick read, illustrated with side-splitting illustrations." Reel Urban News

"Worth Reading! Frank Mastropolo’s Mom & Dad Are Dinosaurs! is exactly what the book set out to be. It is a humorous quick read sharing exaggerated recaps of his parents entering the 21st century, kicking and screaming. When you look at your parents, older relatives and/or older colleagues, you will recognize that you have come across at least some of the issues raised, which only adds to the comedic value. It’s like a joke book that is literally filled with a series of punchlines . . . this could quite easily be a stand-up comedy performance.

"I would recommend this book for someone wanting a little chuckle on their lunch break, or someone wanting to occupy themselves on a short but mundane commute. It also makes a great joke gift for an elder and lets them know they are not alone in their thoughts." — Reedsy Discovery

Take an uproarious ride as Mom and Dad declare war on:


  • Online Shopping

  • Email

  • Zoom Calls

  • Voice Mail

  • Alexa

  • Social Media

  • Robot Vacuums

  • Streaming Music

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Smartphones


These and many more are illustrated with hilarious photos and described in wisecracking detail. Mom & Dad Are Dinosaurs! brings the funny for the whole family.  

"Too funny yet thought-provoking. Mastropolo redefined the way things are normally presented and understood by the general audience. The chapter, 'They Say Cooking is Easy, but it's Not Easier Than Not Cooking' is so funny that one can keep reading it again and again. One is forced to think more about the realities portrayed by the author, sugar-coated with absolute humor." — BookBelow

Funny image about Alexa
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